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      Welcome to Compas!

      Here at Compas, we ensure that your market research online is as accurate as scientific research. We provide truthful information with precision to the current trend and statistics.

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      Welcome to Compas!

      Situational Assessment

      Here at Compas, we can assess scenarios or test out situations with certain targeted people, and we can identify the effects of the situation on your organization or company, both the benefits and disadvantages.

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      Advertisement Tracing

      When it comes to your advertisements, we can help you identify their effectiveness whether you have them posted on billboards or uploaded on social media platforms.

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      Text Checking

      We ensure that your slogan, text, or messages used for your branding is correct to achieve your target audience engagement.

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      Market Prediction

      We can help you analyze your market to assess how your service or product will obtain success through our forecast.

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      We keep an eye on available insights online, as well as the data to identify what the targeted audiences think about your product, service, and brand.

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      Brand Condition

      The condition of your brand will not stay the same. As time goes on, it changes, which is why you require actual feedbacks and insights from your audience.

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      We Are Hiring

      you will know what career suits best for you here at Compas for you to have a big role in market research. If you are confused about which path to take, this list of reers is a big help of you. Find out if you are suitable!

      Latest News

      T-Shirt Designs

      Ways to Conduct A Research On T-Shirt Designs

      Are you looking for ways and places to research custom t-shirts designs? Lucky for you, you can do just that on your tablet or any other device. Thanks to technology, researching anything is so much easier. All you will have to do is punch in keywords on different sites, and you will get your results. To give you more ideas, here are some helpful ways and places to do your research on t-shirt designs.
      Through Pinterest
      Pinterest is a very helpful site and app to those who are looking for ideas on various things. It has a whole collection of anything from people to clothes. All …

      The Habit of Young Canadians to Buy Local Products

      Purchasing local products can be observed as trending economic ethics in today’s younger generation.
      Young Canadians prefer to purchase local goods for different reasons, such as giving support to the local economy or making sure that the environment is much protected from mass production of items that can cause damage to nature during manufacture.
      Liking by Age
      About 3,000 young Canadians were surveyed to know about their behavior and perception in buying local products. The mentioned respondents were in the age range of 13 – 37 years old. Here are the results, which were divided into three categories:

      Poll Says Majority of Canadians are concerned about COVID-19 outbreak

      A large number of Canadians, specifically in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak in their cities. The Association for Canadian Studies conducted the poll.
      The poll was made to survey 1,479 Canadians. The result showed that about 59% of Canadians were concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. 20% showed that they are ‘Very concerned’, and 39% are ‘Somewhat worried’.
      The citizens of Ontario represented the highest number of worry about coronavirus, which relates to the fact that their province has the highest number of cases in the nation.
      The crisis of COVID-19 has …

      Canada’s Survey on Gender Equality in 2019

      From October until December in the year 2019, a survey was conducted in Canada, which covered:

      Gender Equality
      Sexual Harassment and Violence
      Equal Pay

      Gender Equality
      The study inquired about the views of the respondents to identify how gender equality was practiced in Canada. In the whole survey, a large percentage of respondents believed that gender equality was attained not only at home but also at work. Here are the results that agree on gender equality achievement based on different environments and aspects:

      At home – 82%
      Social setting – 70%
      At …


      ‘Social Media Listening’ focuses on discussions of the matter with a customer. The outputs of this ‘customer-intelligence’ tool do not enable us to deduce conclusions based on a large number because the collected data’s source is not from a credible sample.

      We evaluate subjects based on data collected from huge demographic samples. From the results, we can come to assessments and conclusions with scientific approval on a bigger number of population.

      Web surveys ask questions, and we do not do that. We only evaluate the subject engagement and study about how users feel or think about matters without the need of asking direct questions.

      To avoid being biased, we don’t ask personal questions or any query that asks for any biased response. We assess online user engagement on different matters and subjects with their authenticity. Our samples of results of the studies stand for a general view of the whole population. This allows us to acquire knowledge about how the majority of society perceives or thinks about a certain matter, subject, or issue.

      Indeed, we do. The only data that we access are the available ones in public with the author or provider’s consent. We avoid accessing confidential information. This also ensures that you, as a user of our service, will have your personal details and browsing history private in here.

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